Fundraising & Events

Arranging and coordinating fundraising events (in person and virtual)

Cultivating and stewarding donors

Facilitating board retreats

Identifying prospects and new market segments

Researching, writing and submitting grants

Highlighting tangible outcomes for sponsor/donor ROI

Assisting with the establishment and achievement of annual fundraising objectives

 Marketing & Communications

Developing marketing collateral and content

Overseeing external communications and PR

Managing print and digital marketing campaigns

Promoting brand identity and awareness

Crafting social media messaging

Providing talking points and examples of impact

Determining advocacy agenda


Refreshing mission/vision statements

Developing model for future growth

Prioritizing short and long-term goals

Planning for future HR needs

Assessing and adjusting objectives in response to a changing environment

Training internal and external stakeholders

Revising organizational documents as-needed

Negotiating value-added services

Let GCS do the work.

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Let us help you craft messaging for your website, create marketing collateral, research venue options that fit your budget and logistical requirements, or help spread your mission and message to new audiences.

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